Tofurky Trot

If you haven't already heard, your Arbor Lodge neighbor, Molly, is putting on a Thanksgiving morning 5K fun run. You're invited to walk, skip, run (or any other way you'd like to get around) through scenic North Portland.

There are no prizes (unless you bring them and award them yourself), no commemorative t-shirts, no timing clock, and no required Tofurky eating. Just your friendly neighbors and some pastries and drinks at the finish line!

The Tofurkey Trot will begin at 8:00 AM, Thursday, November 24th. The starting line is in front of the yellow house on Greenwich Avenue between Dekum and Bryant. Hope you can make it!
First Annual Tofurky Trot

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  1. Anonymous11/27/2011

    We did the Trot this year and had fun! Bob & Ginger