June 9th is sooner than you think!

June 9th, between 9-12 noon is our next "Come Dig the Dirt" work party at Arbor Lodge Park.  Please come and join us as we do some light work with neighbors and make Arbor Lodge Park shine for the June 24th Sunday Parkways event.   Your work also keeps Arbor Lodge one of five City of Portland Parks that is both herbicide and pesticide spray free.  Come meet a neighbor, work as a team with new friends, and join us for a hosted thank you lunch at Boulevard Taco after our work together.  Also, June 9th is my 65th birthday, please help me celebrate that as an Arbor Lodge Park volunteer!  We meet at the toolshed behind the baseball diamond on Dekum, close to Greeley.  See you there!  Ginger

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