Can you find the new Bee/Bird and Bat Houses in Arbor Lodge Park?

Come walk around Arbor Lodge Park and gaze up into the trees.  You'll find 2 new bat houses, 3 mason/orchard bee boxes, and 6 new bird houses.  They are scattered around the Park.  Sydney Suggs, a Boy Scout working on his Eagle Merit Badge, built the houses and installed them in our Park.  He researched the type of birds most likely to be in residence, ditto the bats, and then build houses to specs he found on the internet for each.  We asked him to add the mason/orchard bee boxes to help pollinate neighborhood fruit trees each spring.  Have a fun walk and find all 11 new critter houses in our Park.  

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  1. Anonymous9/02/2012

    This is so neat! I'm glad Sydney chose Arbor Lodge park for his project. Looking forward to seeing some bats!