Notice of Proposed Changes to ALNA Bylaws

The Arbor Lodge Board requests membership review and feedback on a proposed set of changes to our Bylaws, the document that describes how we will govern the Neighborhood Association. We have been working on these revisions for several months at board meetings and additional work sessions and will present them for a vote at our April membership meeting.

During this process, Board members articulated the following goals for the bylaw revision:
  • Clarifying that the role of the Board is to empower neighbors to participate and champion actions on issues important to them
  • Flattening hierarchy while retaining accountability
  • Increasing participation and reducing barriers to participation
  • Clarifying details of elections and board member accountability
A summary of changes we are proposing include:
  • Clarifying age of eligibility for membership and requiring that members confirm membership in writing.
  • Combining all language about membership and board meetings into one section titled 'Meetings.'
  • Adding language from the City's Office of Neighborhood Involvement Neighborhood Association Bylaws Template explaining how neighbors can expect to participate in meetings and conduct grievance procedures.
  • Clarifying our expectations for board attendance and at-large board roles, as well as liason representatives of the Board to other groups/committees.
  • Allowing the Board to share duties in a transparent and accountable manner.
  • Clarifying the lengths of board member terms, as well as the term start and end dates, and how to handle vacant positions.
  • Adding duties to the Secretary so that they are aligned with current practices
  • Adding language to the elections and nominations process.
  • New sections on: Committees, procedures for consideration of proposals, conflict of interest
  • Removing membership's ability to set the budget/financial policies, while retaining the Board's responsibility to ask the membership for input and feedback on the budget.
  • Increasing the notice date for bylaws revisions from 7 to 14 days
We invite neighborhood association members to review these changes and vote on them at our April Membership Meeting, Thursday, April 18th, 6:30pm, Historic Kenton Firehouse.

The following documents are PDFs. We can provide versions of these documents in other formats upon request. Please email arborlodgepdx[at]gmail[dot]com for details or call our Chair, Katy, at 971-227-4234.
1. Current bylaws dated 5.20.2010
2. Draft Bylaws showing our track changes
3. Draft Bylaws w/o track changes (should be easier on the eyes).

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