Water Fluoridation in Portland

There will be a special election on May 21st in Portland, and one of the measures we will be voting on is measure 26-151 – the Fluoridation of Portland's drinking water supply.

ALNA has been approached by both sides of this issue, and we encourage voters to inform themselves by visiting the sites of the the organizations both for and against fluoridation, listed below. Additionally, the League of Women Voters site is a great resource for information on this measure and others.

Clean Water Portland - Against Fluoridation
Healthy Kids, Healthy Portland - For Fluoridation

After researching this issue, the board of the Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association has voted to endorse a "no" vote on this measure – but we encourage all of our neighbors to learn about the issue and vote as they see fit for themselves and their families. 

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  1. Double hip-hooray! I want to keep my job. I want to stay in Portland. I do not want to be harmed by a substance I do not wish to suffer adverse effects from.