Arbor Lodge Park/Harper's Playground Work Party
Saturday, May 11th     9-12

Next Saturday, May 11th, between 9-12 we will work to maintain our pesticide/herbicide free status in the Playground and Park.  Come join us for some FUN!

We will have guests from the LDS Church, hopefully also from the Timber's Army, and some UP students all coming to help support the Playground and Park.  We need neighbors too.

Projects will include:
*  general trash pickup (we have fun trash picker uppers)
*  weeding around trees, then spreading bark mulch
* weeding around light posts and in the ground signs, ditto bark mulch
* edging the entire east side along the gravel parking strip (this will be heavy digging and hauling in wheel barrows)  fyi, the Parks Dept will dig out the parking area/put down landscape cloth/cover it all with new gravel - date not known, but soon.  Our edging will complete the project and really spruce that side of the Park up!
* painting the metal pipe along the east side (weather permitting)
* detailed weeding in both Baseball diamonds, dugouts, back stops, along the foul line, etc.  (no games are set until 1pm that day)
* flame weeding all along Bryant and Dekum and in sidewalks (training required to flame weed/must be over 18/must wear closed toed shoes)
* detail weeding in the tennis courts to keep weeds out of the cracks (think fine motor exercise)

We have tools and some gloves.  We'll provide coffee and water and snacks too.

Please come help the Playground and Park you enjoy so much continue to thrive as a pesticide/herbicide free zone.  Questions?  ginger.edws@gmail.com     Thanks!

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