Like Trees?
If you do, consider joining us for the Tree Inventory this summer.  You can sign up for one morning, or all 4, it's up to you.   On those dates (June 22nd, August 1st, August 17th and September 14th) we will meet at 8:30 at Arbor Lodge Park, and fan out to count street trees only.  We'll end at 12, noon each day.

Why do this?  We'll have a data base of how many street trees we have in Arbor Lodge, what types of street trees we have, the general health, and the diameter of each.  With this data we can plan to increase the overall canopy if we want, what trees to emphasize, etc.

Did you know that street trees and yard trees increase the value of your home?  And, that the general health of humans living near trees increases and overall crime goes down?  Urban Forestry hosted a talk on these topics at the Lucky Lab last month by an economist with the US Forest Service.

So come out and join your neighbors.  Have some fun, get to know your neighborhood and each other while helping us continue to improve Arbor Lodge neighborhood.  You can sign up at:
scroll to Arbor Lodge, then pick a date!  Training is only required for "team leaders".  Thank you.  : )

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