Agenda change for tonight's meeting

Due to scheduling conflicts, the panel on land use will be postponed. We will still talk at some length tonight about development in Arbor Lodge, and look at some resources, etc. from other neighborhoods.

Revised Agenda:
6:30   Introductions, ask if any additions to Agenda by those present
6:40   Minutes and Treasurer's reports/updates
6:50   Police Update
7:00   Update on Clean Up - Volunteers needed!, Movie in the Park update, North Portland Parks Committee letter to Amanda Fritz

7:15   Development Issues in Arbor Lodge
          *  zoning, do you know your zoning?  
             *  required disclosures for non-commercial real-estate transactions
          *  affordable housing issues - resources to learn more
          *  what have other neighborhoods done?
8:00  Next steps
         *  committee to engage neighbors
         *  do we need a group from Land Use to volunteer to answer questions presented online or in person?
         * should we recruit a group to develop Arbor Lodge Guidelines?  if yes, who?  how to recruit?
         *  what else???

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