Please join us Thursday, March 20th, 6:30 
Kenton Fire House

March 20th Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association meeting
Kenton Fire House

6:30   Introductions, ask if any additions to Agenda by those present
6:40   Minutes and Treasurer's reports/updates
6:50   Police Update
7:00   Update on Clean Up - Volunteers needed!, Movie in the Park update, North Portland Parks Committee letter to Amanda Fritz

7:15   Panel on Development in Arbor Lodge
          *  zoning, do you know your zoning?  
          *  affordable housing issues
          *  transportation safety issues  - bikes and pedestrians
          *  presentation of some options for ALNA
              *  developing a flier about zoning in the transit zone only
              *  developing "Arbor Lodge Guidelines", a set of desired development guidelines for our neighborhood, not enforceable, but giving both the City and potential developers info about who we are and what we'd like to see
             *  your ideas?????

8:00  Putting it altogether
         *  do we need a group to write up a flier?
         * do we need a group from Land Use to volunteer to answer questions presented online or in person?
         * should we recruit a group to develop Arbor Lodge Guidelines?  if yes, who?  how to recruit?
         *  what else???

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