NET Survey

The key to surviving a disaster is a close network of friends and neighbors. Arbor Lodge and Kenton are joining a citywide effort called Map Your Neighborhood—a block-by-block meeting that brings neighbors together in advance of an emergency. As part of that effort, we're collecting important information about neighborhood resilience. 

Do we have any doctors in the house? How about carpenters? Engineers perhaps? Maybe you're just really good at caring for dogs, or have some experience canning or gardening. All of these skills can be critical to neighborhood resilience in the event of a large disaster. And we similarly might be helped by learning where in our neighborhood people need the most assistance if disaster strikes. 

Why are we doing all this? Because we're due for an earthquake. And while we hope it never comes, we want to be ready to live well together if it does. 

If this topic interests you, please take our survey at Survey Monkey and help us plan to help you.

Who are we? We're your Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET). We live in Arbor Lodge and Kenton and are trained by the city and fire department to to provide disaster assistance.

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