Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association meeting,  Thursday, June 19th, 6:30, Kenton Firehouse

6:30  Welcome and introductions
6:40  Additions to Agenda?
6:45  10 minutes for the Portland Comprehensive Plan
         ( this is a planned time to give feedback to all the planning happening around zoning changes in general, specific changes coming to Lombard between Curtis and Denver, and overall North Portland.  We hope to gather feedback from you to share with the City)
6:55  Guest Presentation - Developer with a plan for Minneasota
7:15  Young Tree Workshops discussion
7:25  Movie in the Park planning
         *  update on Movie, activities, food vendors, bands
         *  volunteer opportunities
         *  Heritage Tree/Garden tours
         *  Community Play Day, 11-4 same day
7:40  Special Election
         *  2 open Board positions, we have 2 candidates who have been active within ALNA, Nicole  Leggett and Duane Eldred.  Nominations from the floor can also be made.
7:50  Minutes, Annoucements.

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