Comp Plan Map App open for comments

The City of Portland has just released it's latest round of documents as they continue the process of updating the Comprehensive Plan that will direct how the city grows over the next 20 years. From their website:
"Portland has only created one Comprehensive Plan before, and that was adopted almost 35 years ago. Today’s advances in technology provide planners with so much more information and data that it takes more time to analyze and apply the findings to our work.
"There’s definitely more to consider this time around. Portland is a third again as big as it was then, mostly due to annexation. And our increasingly diverse population has grown by 200,000 people.
"The issues the plan is addressing are also broader and more complex. In 1980, the key goals of the Comprehensive Plan were to develop vibrant neighborhoods around a robust transit system and reduce air pollution in the Central City."
You are also invited to familiarize yourself with the maps that go along with the plan and make comments that will go into finalizing the next draft for the city council's approval. Find the Map App here. For directions on how to navigate the app click on "View the Tutorial" on the upper left or click on "Go to the Map App" to get started.

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