Tug O War Piedmont vs Arbor Lodge Sunday at 11am

Tug O War
Piedmont vs Arbor Lodge
North Portland Knockdown
Aug 24th, 2014 11:00AM
Bryant Street Pedestrian Bridge
Participation open to all who show up - not limited to neighborhood residents!

The border of these neighboring neighborhoods (Piedmont and Arbor Lodge) is a formable and hardscaped divide, a concrete ravine of multiple ton, fast moving, pollution emitting vehicles know as the I-5.

On August 24th at 11am we will "bridge" this divide with several rounds of tug-of-war over the linkage between us, the Bryant Street Pedestrian Bridge. Competition is a time honored method for team building and settling disputes. This day of tugs may prove nothing but a good time and bragging rights for the winning side, until next year.

Participants will not be limited to only Piedmont and Arbor Lodge residence.

Organized by Resident Residency Artists Katy Asher (Arbor Lodge) and Mack McFarland (Piedmont) the event promises to be a unique experience. Sponsored by Precipice Fund and, Patrick Collier, thanks for the rope

Hope you all can make it out to cheer on the teams or pull on the rope!

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