Candidates for ALNA's Board

We are looking forward to another great board year in the Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association!
We invite you to join us October 16th and vote to elect volunteers who will serve in the board (or run for a seat).
The following people have declared the position they are interested in serving - and you can add your name to the list - just let us know if you'd like to run!

You may email any of the candidates if you have questions for them or would like to get to know them better.
Allen Wheeland
Bob Meehan
Duane Eldred
Eli Patton
Ginger Edwards
Katy Asher
Lauren Patton
Nate Young
Nicole Leggett
Robert Green
Sharon Parker
Tammi Kipp

Come vote at ALNA's Annual Meeting on Thursday, October 16, 2014!

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