Join our Fresh Fruit Donation Network for Neighborhood Kids in Need

Have you ever wondered if hunger exists in Arbor Lodge?  It does.

56% of the children attending Chief Joseph Elementary and 77% of those at Ockley Green qualify for free or reduced lunch.  Sometimes these kids come to school hungry on Monday mornings, not having had enough food to eat over the weekend.  Study after study shows school success is tied to nutrition - having enough to eat so students can focus on class, not on being hungry.

How can you help?

Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association has a "Donation Network".  We encourage folks to sign up to donate fresh fruit for the weekly backpacks that go out with kids.  Right now, the PTA is packing 15 backpacks each week to give a hungry child enough food to get through the weekend.  fyi, other food is either purchased on donated from other groups.

What is expected of you?  

When it is "your week" you are asked to bring 15 (we hope that will go up to 20-25) individual pieces of  fresh fruit to Ockley Green by noon on Wednesday.  All backpacks are put together at Ockley Green, then brought to Chief Joseph for distribution. Right now we have 12 families contributing. That means donating 2 1/2 times a school year.

If interested, please send an e-mail to ginger.edws@gmail.com

I'll add you to the list, send it out to you,  and do my best to remember to remind you on Sunday nights that "this is your week." Thanks for considering helping hungry kids in your neighborhood!

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