Agenda for Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association Meeting – Thursday May 21st, 2015

All who live and/or work in Arbor Lodge are welcome to join us for this meeting.

6:30 – Introductions, any additions to Agenda by those present

6:40 - Pembina Propane Terminal – approval of letter to council in opposition to proposed terminal

7:00 - City’s new Surplus Land Disposition policy survey

7:15 – Neighborhood Clean Up and Debate wrap up.  Report on our success and any ideas for next year.

7:30 - Picnic in Park for July update

7:40 - Movie in the park update

7:50 - Sunday Parkways update

8:00 - Livability committee update

8:10 – Budget update

8:15 - End of Fiscal Year Survey for NPNS

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