You're Invited: Spruicin' up Arbor Lodge May 17

We're in the beginning stages of forming a "Livability Team" and YOU just might be the person to pitch in and help. We had a ton of fun on our first day out and can't wait to see you at our second, on May 17th!

What's involved?
* Reporting and removing graffiti with safe sprays and scrubbing tools.
* Taking walks in selected areas to pick up trash with gloves and trash picker-uppers.
* Noticing and reporting safety issues to the City - again, training provided if requested.

Supplies, training and cheer-leading provided! Meet more neighbors, learn about your neighborhood, and make it a safe and clean place to live.

Interested? Meet us at The Arbor Lodge coffeehouse on Sunday, May 17 at 8:30am.

First-ever Livability Team Meet-up Crew

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