Be a Voice for the Neighborhood Association

Seeking: E-Newsletter Editor
Communications Specialists, Undercover Novelists, Poets, Chatty-Cathy's and Online Mavens:

Help us bring fun events, neighborhood doings and important information to our neighbors. We're looking for someone who considers him/herself to be friendly, good with follow-through and thinks whipping up an e-newsletter with 3-4 topics/edition sounds easy as pie. Show off your writing skills and help us show the world how great it is to get involved in Arbor Lodge!

Soliciting content, following-up for details and pulling together text and images in a friendly, engaging format should take 3 hours/month - or less!
We're looking for 3-5 topics, 3-7 sentences each, highlighting Neighborhood Association (and neighborhood) goings-ons, 9-12 months of the year. We can help - we just need someone who has time to initiate and make it happen!

Skills needed:
-Familiarity with online newsletter platforms (We use MailChimp - it's very similar to MyEmma and/or Constant Contact).
-Willingness to work as a team with other communications volunteers and board members
-Zest for summarizing events/information in short, information-rich blurbs
-Some level of online/social media skills (you can keep track of your passwords, know how to use Facebook, understand the concept of uploading images, creating links - this is hard for some folks, easier for others!)

Training provided for folks with enthusiasm and basic skills! Contact board@arborlodgeneighborhood.com with questions, inquiries. Come meet us in person as well and see if you want to work with our great group - consider stopping by our summer BBQ in Arbor Lodge Park, 6:30pm, Thursday, 7/16.

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