Parke Diem
What is it?  a city wide volunteer effort in Parks, community gardens and open spaces - 7 in North Portland, one is Arbor Lodge Park/Harper's Playground.

When is it?  October 10th for Arbor Lodge Park/Harper's Playground and all North Portland locations.  9-12, noon.  Some events in other parts of the city are on October 9th

Where will it be?  Arbor Lodge Park/Harper's Playground, Baltimore Woods, Pier Park,  Pennisula Park Rose Garden and 3 Community Gardens in North Portland, John's, Beach, and Calrenden

How can I participate?  go to:  http://www.parklandia.org/parkediem to sign up.  If you sign up online you help us plan for the number of volunteers and you get a free T-shirt too!

What will I do?  At Arbor Lodge Park/Harper's Playground you'll be asked to hand weed around trees, spread bark mulch, weed planting beds and spread bark mulch too.  We'll also flame weed the curbing and sidewalks if it has rained.
**** Special for Dog lovers, we hope to dig out that muddy water puddle next to the dog area and the paved path, line it with landscape cloth, and add gravel to get rid of that smelly/dirty puddle all dogs like to drink from and roll in ****  and, we need to dig out some invasive Bishop's weed from the west planting bed.

It can all be light and easy with enough volunteers.

Water, snacks provided.  Thank you for signing up online and helping our Parks shine.
North Portland Parks Advisory Group urges you to participate!

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