Middle Housing and Comp Plan Update

At our monthly board meeting on 2/17, we discussed updates to Portland's Comprehensive Plan. In particular, we talked about the City's new plan to create additional zoning that would allow for "middle housing" to be built. You can find more information in a powerpoint our Land Use volunteer, Nate Young, compiled here (Thanks, Nate!):

Based upon input from neighbors, the Arbor Lodge Board agreed to write a letter to City Council and Bureaus of Planning and Sustainability as well as Development Services stating our concerns about a middle housing proposal. The letter was sent today, and can be read here.

Comprehensive Plan Timeline

The city's hub for information on the Comp Plan is here. You can search for calendars, policy documents and more.

City Council will continue to meet during work sessions to  make amendments and discuss policies and maps in more detail. Then, on April 14th (6-9p) and April 20th (2-5p), there will be public hearings for all Portlanders to come and testify, especially on any new amendments. Council will vote to approve the amendments on April 28th.

On another, but similar note, there will also soon be public hearings on some of the 'implementing' projects. This is where Zoning (as opposed to Comp Plan/land use designations) will be discussed. These zones will be reviewed with the Planning and Sustainability Commission. Both the Residential/Open Space and Mixed Use Zones maps and reports will be released early to mid March. On April 12th and April 26th, there will be public hearings on the Residential/Open Space maps. On May 10th, there will be a public hearing on the Mixed Use Zones map.


If you have questions or concerns, Arbor Lodge's BPS district liaison Leslie Lum will be at the St. Johns Community Center, 8427 N Central on March 29th, from 5-7p to answer any questions. Please stop by or contact her at leslie.lum@portlandoregon.gov or (503) 823-7896.

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