This Thursday: Do we endorse the gas tax? Re-zoning parts of the neighborhood for higher density, and more!

Draft Agenda for our Thursday, February 18 Meeting
Historic Kenton Firehouse, 6:30-8PM

Everyone is invited! Please join us if you're curious/interested/passionate/just want to see what your neighbors are talking about, etc.

6:30 Welcome and introductions, add any new items to agenda
6:35 Celebrate North Portland announcement
6:40 Aaron Brown of Fix Our Streets Portland seeks endorsement of proposed 10 cent per gallon gas tax for streets and traffic safety
7:00 Leslie Lum, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability Planner on proposed change in zoning in r2.5 to r 2 between Lombard and Buffalo, west of Denver see p.3
7:15 Letter of Agreement on receiving North Portland Neighborhood Services community-building grant for Arbor Lodge Park and Harper's Playground to keep these area pesticide and herbicide free.
7:25 Kenton/Arbor Lodge Cleanup Day - announcement of date and graffiti cleanup
7:35 United Neighborhoods for Reform seeks support for proposal on Deconstruction of Houses. Deconstruction grant program, how to apply
7:40 Homeless Camps - Proposed City policies and actions
7:50 Willamette Superfund Cleanup - Representative from Portland Harbor Community Advisory Group
8:00 Close, soliciting suggestions for next meeting (considering inviting Oregonians Against the Death Penalty) and Pie eating

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