Save the Date to Dump Your Junk 4/23

Start making a mental note of all the things you'd like to take to the dump (cat castles, broken kiddie pools, old furniture, planting supplies, reusable clothes, e-waste)...then make a plan to drop them off at at the Arbor lodge ( ALNA) and Kenton Neighborhood (KNA) Annual Spring Cleanup on Saturday, April 23 between 9am-3pm. For just $10, we’ll haul it away! 

Important Changes this year: Absolutely Prohibited materials for Spring Cleanup this year: hazardous waste, batteries, CFL’s, commercial landscaping, construction, remodeling or demolition debris, waste not accepted at transfer stations, household garbage, residential yard debris or trimmings, no electronics with fluids, fuels or bio-hazard..Otherwise, anything with a cord or battery is allowed.

Also, no asbestos in any form. Examples of suspected asbestos risk :
Flooring: vinyl tiles, vinyl sheet, cove base molding, mastic
Walls: plaster, decorative plaster
Siding: cement siding shingles (e.g., “Transite”)
Ceilings: acoustical tiles, "popcorn” and spray-on texture)
Insulation: spray-applied, blown-in, vermiculite, pipe, HVAC and lagging)
Electrical: wire insulation, panel partitions
Other: fire doors, fire brick, fire proofing

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