Thank you!
Thank you's to both the street tree pruners on March 5th and the Park/Playground work party volunteers on March 12th.  Each team helped make our neighborhood a better place.  Street Tree Pruners helped between 50-60 young street trees regain a healthy shape, clear sidewalks and street canopy requirements and get healthier.  Park/Playground volunteers helped us maintain our spray free status - remember we are now 1 of only 3 pesticide/herbicide free parks out of 252 in all of Portland. You also helped us fix and secure bird boxes for the spring season, weeded, spread bark mulch, and flamed weeded the baseball infields for those Little League teams ready to come and play.
Thank you all!
Next work party at the Park/Playground is Saturday, May 14th, 9-12, meet at the west baseball diamond.  We hope to see some of you there.

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