Elections are coming - come learn about your neighborhood association and how to participate!

We hope you'll join us for our September neighborhood meeting! We are gearing up to add neighbors to our Board at Elections in October, so join us to learn more about your neighborhood association and the great group of people who work to build community in Arbor Lodge. Maybe you'll be inspired to join us!

Thursday, September 15, 2016, 
6:30 pm at the Kenton Firehouse 2209 North Scofield
Children are welcome

Draft Agenda
6:30pm- Welcome, Introductions, sign in
6:50pm-Movie in the Park/meeting with Net Team
7:00pm-Harper Soiree/Parke Diem reminder and request for volunteers-Ginger
7:10pm-Developer presentation for 6826 North Greenwich
7:25pm-Safe Streets/Pedestrian accidents
7:35pm-Art Show for Brian Duncan
7:45pm-Backpack Program-Ginger 
7:50pm-October Elections-how to reach people. post notices, invitations
8:00pm-End and cookies

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