Hi there Park Lovers,

We are rescheduling Parke Diem for Arbor Lodge Park.  

The new date is Friday, November 11th, 9-11 am

Yes, it is Veteran's Day - a National Holiday, many businesses are closed and schools too, so maybe an opportunity - what better way to celebrate than to volunteer.

Come join us if you can.  We have no idea what the weather will be so dress accordingly.  We do have T-shirts, water bottles, snacks, and we might have hot chocolate if we can get it donated, or just hot water and Swiss Miss packets.  We have gloves too, 50 pairs.  

We will weed around trees, spread bark mulch, and "put the Park to bed for the winter".  

It's a short work party, we'll have fun, and get to know our neighbors.  Thank you!

Questions:  ask Ginger
(503) 312-7135

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