Parks and Playgrounds, oh my!

It's time . . . . our 1st work party of the year is set for March 11th, 9-12.
We work to maintain our pesticide/herbicide free status at Arbor Lodge Park and Harper's Playground.
You can help!  Volunteer what time you have between 9-12 on March 12th.  We will weed around trees, spread bark mulch, weed in the Playground, sweep sand back into the sandbox, etc.  We might flameweed the baseball infields (only adults for this part of the work party).
We'll have snacks and water.
We also have $$ to buy lunch for the 1st 15 volunteers.  So come, work a little, and have lunch with your neighbors afterwards - we'll go to a local restaurant.  It is all about the Park/Playground and neighbors getting to know each other to support our Park/Playground together.
Love your Park!
future work parties this year:  May 13th, July 8th, October 14th, all 9-12
Thanks for volunteering.

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