Triple Header of Terrific! Arbor Lodge Park this Saturday, May 13th, 9-12

*  Love your Park work party - 9-12, meet off Dekum at the west baseball diamond.  Help us keep the Park pesticide and herbicide free by weeding and spreading bark mulch, and we'll buy you lunch afterwards.  Bring a water bottle, we'll have snacks.

*  Young Street Tree Pruning Workshop - 8:45 to 12.  meet off Dekum at the west baseball diamond.  Learn to prune young trees - 3-7 years old by working in a small team of 3-4 with a Certified Arborist.  Learn for free and help street trees in Arbor Lodge grow strong.

*  Mason Bee workshop - 10-12.  meet at the picnic area just north of the playground area.  Master Gardener Mimi Siekman will share info, show you great pictures to aid the conversation, and answer your questions.  Mason Bees do not make honey, but are native pollinators active mid March thru June.

*  Yoga for Kids led by Healthy Kids Yoga Instructors.  This could be impacted by rain, but bring your mat if you want to participate in this activity.

Hope to see you at Arbor Lodge Park this Saturday.

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