Do you want clean air in Arbor Lodge?    Do you love trees?

The 2 go together!   How?  Trees help clean the air.  Join the Arbor Lodge Tree Team in 2 activities this fall.

1.  Park Tree Inventory - Sept 16th, 8:15 to 12, noon.    Join small teams of 3-4 folks, get the support of an Arborist, measure and ID all the trees in our Park.  Large conifers clean the air best and we have a few, plus those nice big firs in Gammon's Park.    We need 24 people for this and have 19 at this point.  Sign up online at www.portlandoregon.gov/parks/53181 - look for Arbor Lodge Park and sign up.
2.  Help us put together a grant to plant 100 trees in the next 5 years in our neighborhood.  We hope to team with Friends of Trees and plant about 20 trees per year for the next 5 years in targeted areas with large parking strips.  We hope to plant as many conifers as possible in these parking strips.  How can you help?  Measure some identified parking strips, help us look online to ID property owners, talk to those owners, help make a watering plan to ensure the trees survive and thrive.

Questions?  Contact Ginger at ginger.edws@gmail.com, or come to either the Arbor Lodge NA Sept 21st, 6:30 at the Kenton Fire House, or join us at the Park Tree Inventory on Sept 16th, 8:15 to 12 noon at Arbor Lodge Park.  Thanks!

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