It's crunch time. Do we have a Tree Team or not?

If we do, we can write a grant, likely get funded, and plant 100 trees in the next 5 years in Arbor Lodge to increase our beauty, lower the heat via increased canopy, and improve our air quality via tree filtration.

But, we need at least 4-5 folks to step up now.  I mean in the next 24-72 hours.  No one responded to my last post except to say thank you.  While appreciated, it's not enough.   We have a meeting tomorrow, Thursday the 14th, to work on this grant with City of Portland Urban Forestry staff.  But, the 2 of us will stop planning if we don't get some additional volunteers.  2 people can't do it all.

If you want more trees in Arbor Lodge, now is the time to volunteer.  Maybe you can't plant, but you can do some computer work from home, maybe you can plant and only want to do that, maybe you don't like meetings, but could do part of the project on your own and report via e-mail to others, or you like to meet over a beer and want to come talk it out.  You tell us what can work for you, but please strongly consider volunteering or this ALNA project is kaput.  Thanks for any consideration.
Questions?  ginger.edws@gmail.com

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