Tree Team October report

The Arbor Lodge Tree Team met this week - here is a very brief summary of our meeting:

**Our next meeting is Wednesday, November 8, 7pm at the Lucky Lab on Killingsworth come join us

We took action on 3 things:
1.  We will put together info on how to report a traffic sign obscured by either a tree or shrub to PBOT for pruning.  We will encourage property owners to do their own pruning too.  If PBOT does the work it does not require us to get a permit, or to haul the debris.  We hope this will increase car/bike/pedestrian safety in Arbor Lodge and prune trees and shrubs for health.
2.  We are planning a "Tree Walk".  We will announce this as soon as it is ready for walkers.
3.  We shared info with Urban Forestry about Arbor Lodge Park as they create the "story map" of the Park which will include Park Tree Inventory information.  It will be published online.  We may ask for a tri-fold pamphlet to distribute at ALNA events and to have in the Park Kiosk.

Other issues that need more discussion:
1.  We will publish the Tree-of-Heaven Eradication Now! website to encourage folks to remove this highly invasive tree asap.
2.  We may host our 3rd Spring Street Tree Pruning Event next April/May - will discuss in Nov.
3.  We may participate next year in Urban Forestry's Free Yard Tree Giveaway.    This would be about a year from now in the fall.  Free trees for private property - no permits required.
4.  We hope to participate in a Bureau of Environmental Services program next summer/fall to plant trees in front of commercial buildings and multi family buildings in Arbor Lodge.   This is free and includes 3 years of watering to help the trees get established.
5.  We encourage everyone in Arbor Lodge to volunteer with Friends of Trees, even just a yard sign to promote their work.  It all adds up to more trees in Arbor Lodge that offer us beauty, cleaner air, reducing our heat island issues, lower crime rates, higher public health outcomes - all documented via the US Forest Service and others.

2 books recommended for your reading pleasure:
Lab Girl - by Hope Jahren
The Hidden Life of TREES -by Peter Wohlleben

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