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If you've been following our Facebook page, you'll know that we post all kinds of announcements from around the City that relate to North Portland. Didn't know we had a Facebook page? Check out facebook.com/arborlodgeNA.
You can also sign up to follow us from our website - just look to the right hand column of our home page.

As a bonus, when you "Like" our page, you have the option to click on a drop-down arrow and pick how often you see posts and notifications from Arbor Lodge - if you want to see more of us, indicate that by clicking on different options in the settings dialogue box.

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Don't use Facebook or want less frequent information? You can get emails delivered to you each time we post to our website by using our RSS feed, or by simply entering your email in the areas to the right. This is a great way to get announcements about upcoming meetings and other events the NA is working on.

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Our Chair and Land Use Chair both receive announcements from different City, County, Metro and State agencies as well as other groups in the area. They forward notices from these groups to a general ALNA Announcement Google Group, and you can sign up to receive those notices here

Transportation Safety Updates
As of July 2016, we have a group of neighbors organizing for slower and safer traffic in the neighborhood. Find their google group page here, request membership, and manage emails that you can receive on just this topic!


Nextdoor.com is a good resource for minute to minute neighborhood updates, a place to ask questions (Whose dog/chicken/cat is this? Where is my dog/chicken cat? Why is there a coyote in the alley? What kind of plant is this? Did someone else have someone knock on their door in the middle of the night? What's that smell/noise?, etc.), and a place to find, lend or borrow items. The website is run by a different entity than the neighborhood association - we don't run or manage it - but we think it's a useful tool for information sharing and community connections. Check it out!

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