The Free Fruit Tree Giveaway this past Saturday was a wonderful success and lots of fun.  We gave away 49 trees to 42 people, drank coffee/tea/cocoa, ate cookies, and talked trees for a few hours.

We want to thank several businesses that helped make this all possible;

*  Resilience Design - in Overlook - owned by Mulysa Melco
*  Grindhouse/Sexy Coffee - Amanda donated the coffee
*  Treecology - Certified Arborists Dayne Galash and Mark hung out and coached new tree owners with info on planting, site selection, pruning.

Please thank these businesses if you get a chance!
And look for a Tree Giveaway next February/March to build the Arbor Lodge Orchard in honor of Brian Duncan, Past Chair of the AL Neighborhood Association.

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  1. I want to say thanks for doing the tree giveaway in honor of Brian Duncan. My Nephew was a wonderful person and we all miss him. I am grateful that these trees you plant will grow and keep his memory alive .Thank You.