Land Use Updates, Public Comment Deadlines

This is your June 20th, 2018 land use update from the Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association. The topics covered in this edition are:

1)Better Housing By Design Testimony
2)New multifamily developments
3)Updates on Rosa Parks + N Denver
4)Transportation Updates

1)June 25th Deadline To Comment on Multifamily Zoning
Monday June 25th is the deadline to provide your comments on the multifamily zoning updates referred to as Better Housing By Design. We encourage you to use this link  to the "Map App" to provide your testimony. If you have time to review a summary document explaining changes it is available here. You are of course welcome to comment on any topic you wish, however my recommendation is to focus on helpful measures which are not assured to make it to the final version introduced to city council. These are:

  • Support for requirements to include outdoor space for multifamily housing
  • Support for requirements for landlords to subsidize public transportation for multifamily housing tenants  (AKA "transportation demand management, TDM, measures)
  • Support for preserving the transitional measures between high and medium density zones that are unique to the North Interstate Planning District
If you only have 2 minutes to spare, copying those three bullets into public comment would be beneficial to the quality of life for new residents, and their existing neighbors. These are compromise measures staff at BPS have introduced, and they are not assured to be adopted. A transcript of the comments the ALNA provided at a June 12th public hearing are located here   These comments include proposals to promote tree preservation, and added detail on the three bulleted items above.

2)New Multifamily Developments
Two new significant projects have come into the development pipeline this week. These are a proposal for a 3 story 34 unit building at 6868 N Montana, and a three story 18 unit building at6306 N Maryland  We have reached out to both development teams to arrange public meetings to review these projects. If you live near or have a personal interest in these projects please feel free to reach out as we could use help engaging neighboring properties and the immediate area. 

3)2005 Rosa Parks Update
The ALNA Land Use committee continues our engagement with Path Development and Wilson Architects to discuss modifications to the 66 unit building at the corner of Denver and Rosa Parks. The community held a meeting in April, and we have continued our work to advocate for the priorities expressed by those in attendance. The development team submitted a permit application in an effort to vest their project under the previous version of the mixed use (commercial + residential) zoning code. They claim to be considering options to include ground level commercial space to add some public accessible space to this intersection, but we have not seen any design proposals.  At this point, the September groundbreaking appears unlikely and we will keep everyone updated on what is occurring. 

4)Transportation Updates
If you are available tomorrow evening, PBOT will be providing a 30 minute update on the Rosa Parks restriping project at the start of our neighborhood association meeting. http://www.arborlodgeneighborhood.com/  for timing and details. 

ODOT are advancing a pilot program to toll sections of I-5. The proposal imposes tolling south of the Going/Alberta exit on I-5. This proposal likely will add to cut-through traffic from drivers exiting at Lombard, Rosa Parks and N Killingsworth to avoid the tolls. If you are available to attend a public meeting on Monday June 25th, from 9AM to 12noon, the details area available here: https://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/Get-Involved/Pages/Value-Pricing-Committee.aspx  If you are interested in supporting your neighbors who wish to represent North Portland's perspective on I-5 tolling please drop me a line.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about development and land use issues in Arbor Lodge.


Mark Wyman
Co-Chair Land Use Committee
Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association

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