Arbor Lodge Tree Team notes from July meeting

*  final review of the letter to De Marco Developers about preserving the Oregon White Oak at 3341 N. Willamette during demolition and reconstruction.  We will send it out electronically

*  review of BES sites available - Eugenia, Greg, Ginger and Mary Helen all took a section of the neighborhood to do outreach.  *** look for a follow up forwarded mail - Eugenia found the original paperwork from BES which gives us good info and talking points.  Sept 1st is a deadline - but only for a tree to be planted this winter.  Inquiries after Sept 1st will be gathered by BES for next winter's plantings.  Please reach out to one of us if you'd like to approach a property owner on this yard tree giveaway that includes 3 years of watering and pruning by the City of Portland, all free.  Potential sites include any commercial buildings and multi-family housing.  These are for yards, not street trees.  Many sites are already identified by BES, making it easier to ID potential sites.

*  October 6th Yard Tree Giveaway - site of giveaway is the Boat Ramp at Cathedral Park
    *  October 6th, 8-1/1:30 volunteer time  - public pick up of trees - 9-12 for all reserved trees, 12-1 for any left over and/or not reserved.
    *  training for the event, September 26th, 7-8:30, Kenton Fire House, 8105 N. Brandon
    ****  we still need 2-3 volunteers for the day of the event, please email Ginger if you can volunteer that day, and attend the training on Sept 26th.
   **** we also still need 2 more volunteers to call those who have reserved a tree during the week before to remind them to come get their tree.

*  the Tree Team is working to develop a template of paragraphs we can use to quickly write a letter to any developer who has bought a lot with large trees.

submitted by Ginger

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