Can you imagine being hungry all weekend?  Some children in Arbor Lodge experience this. 

To make a positive change,  join the "fresh fruit for school backpacks program".  An activity of the Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association.

Every year, teachers and the school counselor at Chief Joseph identify between 30-40 children who come to school very hungry each Monday due to lack of food over the weekend.

The PTO works with charitable groups to buy shelf stable food.  We - neighbors like you and me, provide 2 pieces of fresh fruit per backpack each week.

If you sign up you'll be scheduled with another family to bring the fresh fruit to the school on your assigned week by noon on Wednesday of that week.  It is that simple.  We don't do bananas - they bruise easy and what kid eats brown bananas?  But apples, oranges, tangerines, little boxes of raisins, are all good.

You can trade weeks with others in the network, and you'll get a reminder the week before you are scheduled also.

Hope you can join us fight hunger in Arbor Lodge.

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