Large and Medium Tree Giveaway - October 6th, 9-12
Cathedral Park, by the boat ramp

Many of us know that trees convert polluting carbon dioxide in our air into breathable oxygen.  But have you ever laid on your back beneath a mature white oak or noble fir and looked up at its branches?  

It looks a lot like the lungs in our chest!  

Limbs stretch out from the main trunk (trachea and primary bronchi) into ever smaller bronchiole-like branches and eventually into small alveoli-ish clusters of leaves and needles. It’s quite a sight, and quite a consideration:  Oxygen-producing trees that look like the lungs we use to breathe that oxygen!

We like trees.  They improve our air quality and health and well-being, and provide visual appeal, cooling shade, erosion control, stormwater benefits, higher property values, and food for wildlife.  Kids like to climb them. And studies show that a vibrant urban forest can even help reduce crime.

Thanks to a grant from PPR’s Urban Forestry mission in cooperation with your local Tree Teams, we want to give you a free medium or large tree.  We’re talking Douglas firs, scarlet oaks, giant sequoias, western red cedar, Pacific ponderosa pines, and purple beeches among others. Come get yours on Oct. 6 at Cathedral Park.  

To register for this event click the link below:


Sometimes, simple changes to our environment can be just the thing we need to help our community live longer and healthier. Trees are one such change. Get yours now!

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