Hungry kids need our help.
At Chief Joseph Elementary backpacks with food go out each Friday for about 30 students.  These students have clearly shown the need for this food help.
The Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association organizes individuals and families to assist by adding fresh fruit to these backpacks each week.
If you sign up, you are asked to bring 30 individual pieces of fresh fruit to the school front office by Wednesday of the week you are assigned.  Think apples, oranges, tangerines and little boxes of raisins.  Bananas are a no go - they bruise to easily.
You can trade if the week assigned doesn't work for you and you get a reminder at the beginning of the month if you are assigned during that month. 
Usually we have enough volunteers that we ask each volunteer to donate twice a year. This year we are short 6-8 individuals to make that work.
Please consider joining the Fresh Fruit Network.  It is easy, doesn't cost you too much, and makes a Big difference for kids to know they are supported, and they get that fruit, along with noodles, chili, etc.  To join, email ginger.edws@gmail.com with your preferred email for notices/reminders.  I bcc you on the Big yearly list, and only share with your permission for the month you are assigned so you can trade if needed.
Thanks for considering

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