Sunday October 7: Arbor Lodge Happy Hour!

Sunday October 7
Look Long Brewing 
6550 N Interstate 
5pm to 7pm

Come have a beer, meet your neighbors and learn about your neighborhood association! The Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association's (ALNA) annual election is on Thursday October 18th. We're hosting a pre-election happy hour for anybody who may be interested in joining the board, volunteering in another capacity, or if you'd just like to enjoy a beer with your neighbors--all are welcome! 

Board membership is open to anybody who lives in Arbor Lodge, and is also open to anybody representing a local business, school, church, not-for-profit, or other type of organization located in Arbor Lodge. Basically, it's open to everyone.

Our purpose  (quoting from our bylaws) is to promote livability by providing information, promoting communication and engaging in activities between neighbors and all others interested in the general welfare of the neighborhood. 

Examples of our ongoing work include organizing volunteers to keep Arbor Lodge Park pesticide free, our annual picnic in the park, neighborhood clean-ups and sponsoring a portable bathroom facility for Arbor Lodge Park in the winter months. ALNA volunteers promote civic engagement by facilitating "neighborhood contact" meetings with developers, engaging government agencies such as the Portland Bureau of Transportation and offering public testimony on a range of issues impacting our neighborhood. 

Where we go and what we do in the future is up to you! The neighborhood association system, much like our city, is evolving and changing. We welcome your ideas, and your vision. 

We typically have more seats than candidates, so if you are not excited by the idea of competing with people you haven't met, don't be concerned! We are hoping our board reflects a diversity of perspectives, and life experiences so as to better serve the neighborhood.

A description of the positions is below. C'mon out this Sunday to meet the current board and to learn more.

ALNA has 4 officer positions, and up to 8 "at-large" positions that are open to anybody who is interested. Board members are expected to attend monthly meetings, and to participate in coordinating discussions (via e mail) as time permits between monthly meetings. Officer positions are described below. At large members may chair committees, represent the board at public meetings, or bring forward other projects.


A.  Chairperson:  The Chairperson shall be the principal executive officer of the ALNA and, shall in general, supervise all of the ALNA’s business and affairs, and shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the Board of Directors.  Specifically, the Chairperson shall:

1.         Prepare the agendas and chair all meetings of the Board
            and Membership;

2.        Sign appropriate correspondence and contracts for
            Membership or Board approved business of the ALNA;

3.        Sign checks as determined by Board policy.

B.   Vice-Chair:  In the event of the Chair’s inability to act on behalf of the ALNA, the Vice-Chair shall assume all powers and responsibilities of the Chair as described above.  The Vice-Chair may cover other activities upon request of the Chair.

C.   Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall perform or cause to be performed:

1.         Make deposits and disbursements according to procedure
            determined by Board policy;
2.         Keep accurate and complete financial records;
3.         Provide an accurate accounting of the fiscal activity upon
4.         Be the primary signatory on all checks;
5.         Be in compliance with budget and finance policies as may
             be adopted by the Board.

D.  Secretary:  The Secretary shall perform or cause to be performed:

1.      Record and maintain the minutes, including all votes and a summary of minority opinions, and all other written records of all Board and Membership meetings;
2.      Send approved copies of minutes to ALNA’s district coalition office, North Portland Neighborhood Services
3.      Post minutes to the ALNA website for public access;
4.      Track attendance of Board members for purposes of encouraging full participation.

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