It is with confidence I write this post. 

Last Thursday the Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association held Elections and passed a Budget for this coming year. 

We also formed a new Air Quality/Environmental Committee.

Here are a some highlights:
*  We still have 2 open positions on the Board for At Large members.  These positions ask you to attend the meetings, maybe lead a committee or activity, lend your opinion and voice to all discussions
*  We changed our meeting day to the 3rd Tuesday of each month.  Our next meeting will be Tuesday, November 20th at 6:30pm, Kenton Firehouse
* We created a Communications Team to clean up our mailing list, make sure our blog posts work well, and any other communications is working well too
*  Here are the Election results and some areas of interest for each person elected if stated by that person:
Chair - Ginger Edwards
Vice Chair - Mark Wyman, Communications and outreach
Secretary - Lex Burling
Treasurer - Tim Pape
At Large Board members:
Bob Greene
Beth Staus
Sharon Parker - will do outreach to folks who sign up for our mailing list to explore interests
Brianda Pape - Communications, and will now lead Arbor Lodge Park pesticide/herbicide free work parties
Rowan Wade - Transportation, which focuses on safety for bicycles, pedestrians, and cars, Rowan will be reaching out to Overlook NA and Adidas, come help him out
Non Board member Susan Harris volunteered to lead the Clean Air/Environmental Committee, join up!
*  Budget highlights include:
** money to pay for an ADA Port a Potty at Arbor Lodge Park when the restrooms are closed for winter
** Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association received a $1,500 gift from the Portland Parks Foundation.  This money must be spent in/on the Park.  Come help us decide whether to use it to maintain the pesticide/herbicide free work parties, or for some other purpose (we would find other funding to maintain the work parties if we decide to use this money for something else at the Park).

Come check us out, we want to hear your ideas.  In December we plan some Holiday fun, and after our biz meeting in January we always have a potluck pie social.  Look for our Duncan Memorial Fruit Tree Giveaway in late February/early March.  Join the Tree Team and help us plant trees and deal with the invasive Tree of Heaven starts popping up all over Arbor Lodge.

Hope to meet you on Tuesday, November 20th at 6:30 pm at the Kenton Firehouse, 8105 N. Brandon.

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