Agenda Tuesday November 20th Board Meeting

Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association
Tuesday November 20th, 2018
Kenton Firehouse 6:30pm

Welcome, introductions  (5 minutes
Approval of October minutes (5 minutes)
Special Election --open at large positions (10 minutes)
Brian Duncan Fruit Tree Giveaway (5 minutes)
  • ALNA board member needed for planning committee
  • Decision on whether or not to expand past Arbor Lodge to other neighborhood
Bylaws Update (5 minutes)
  • Update membership meeting quorum rules to match board meeting quorum rules. 50% plus one (1) of the filled elected Board positions. If a quorum is not present, no votes can be taken.
North Portland Trust Fund (10 minutes)
  • Community grants ranging from $500-$3500
  • Opportunity exists for North Portland Neighborhood Associations to form selection committees to award grants within their neighborhood boundaries
  • Board needs to inform NPNS if Arbor Lodge are interested in reviewing grant applications and awarding a local pool of projects. 
  • Alternative is for NPNS to continue to act as the selection committee 
North Portland Vanport Legacy Enhancement Grant (5 minutes)
Happy Hour/December social event? (5 minutes)
Update on Communications (5 minutes)
  • Mailing list consolidation 
  • Planning for  new website
Other committee Updates (20 minutes)
  • Transportation 
  • Land Use
  • Clean Air
  • Tree Team
  • Parks
Open floor, members (15 minutes) 

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