February meeting Agenda, come join us!

Here is the Agenda for February 19th, 7pm, Kenton Fire House regular meeting.
you can always add to the Agenda at the beginning of the meeting.  Hope to see you there.


*  moving back to the 3rd Thursday for meetings
*  possible election - Susan Harris to Board?
*  Discussion of Happy Hour with Overlook and when to do again
*  501c3 or not - monetary discussion that adds to this
*  update on Brian Duncan Fruit Tree Giveaway
*  update on Willamette Greenway Project
*  Clean Air Committee
*  tolling on I 5 Discussion
*  Land Use update
*  plan for Committee to revise By Laws, plan a date to bring to a meeting for discussion/vote
*  perceptions in the neighborhood of who we are/what we do - Bob Greene to lead discussion

** note time change to 7pm

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