Styrofoam/Styrene Pnuts now accepted at Clean Up

Yes, Agilyx, the place we take all the recyclable styrofoam/styrene will now accept P nuts.

They must BREAK, not BEND.  If they snap/break and are a curlique style they are likely styrene.  If they bend, they have starch in them as we cannot accept them.

Please bring them in a clear plastic bag.

And, bring all your other recycling and SWAP materials.

What is a SWAP item?  Something you no longer need, but is usable by a neighbor

Delaware Street between Saratoga and Dekum.  Entry only from Saratoga

Saturday, May 18th, 10-2


Yes to:
household junk
electronics - anything with a cord or battery, no to fluids, fuels or bio-hazard
styrofoam/styrene  #6 - check the Agilyx website to be sure, www.agilyx.com ( they have pictures)
Large Public SWAP area
reusable, unpainted building materials

No to:
painted items
construction/remodeling waste materials
yard debris or kitchen waste
concrete, contractor loads, any form of asbestos
batteries, light bulbs, microwaves, car batteries
demolition debris - tiles, shingles, ceilings, plaster, insulation, electrical wire,
starch pnuts - they BEND, they don't snap/break

$10 donation suggested

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