Save Downtown Campaign Update

October 6th, 2019 Save Downtown Arbor Lodge Campaign Update

Thanks to the support of community donations we are moving forward with our challenge of the proposed project at 6545 N Denver. Below are updates on our campaign. For an introduction and overview, please visit our campaign landing page

  • 45 community members have contributed a total of $1,900 to our legal fund. Thank you for standing up for Arbor Lodge! 
  • Fliers have been printed, neighbors are conducting door to door outreach
  • The developers requested a third extension, once again citing lack of financing as a reason why they are unable to proceed with their project. 
  • The City Of Portland granted a third permit extension to the developers. Altogether, the City Of Portland have allowed an 18 month grandfathering of this project under an expired zoning code.
  • The developers have hired a high price corporate law firm, our attorney has reached out to the developers' attorney to open a line of communication and dialog.  

Our next steps are:

  • ALNA will file a second appeal objecting to the third, most recent permit extension granted by the City of Portland. This will incur an additional $400 filing fee, however we intend to join our two appeals and pursue this as a single case before the Land Use Board of Appeals. 
  • Our attorney has requested a meeting with the developers and their attorney. Our goal is to include ground floor commercial space at this prime lot, and we remain committed to supporting the developer if they want to provide value to our community.
The next Land Use Committee meeting will be:

Monday October 14th
Arbor Lodge Coffee Shop 1507 Rosa Parks Way

We will be discussing the Save "DT AL" campaign, our efforts to expand the "Main Street Design Overlay" a zoning designation which requires ground floor active use, and the upcoming change to the Multifamily Zoning Code. 

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