Arbor Lodge neighborhood Association meeting, Thursday, January 16th, 7pm, Kenton Fire House
all who live, work and play in Arbor Lodge are welcome, home owners, renters, workers, All

*  welcome
*  PGE Guest coming to share the Test Grid info - 10-15 minutes
*  approval of December minutes - please read online prior to meeting and submit corrections to Susan online - 5 minutes
*  Budget discussion - 15-20 minutes
*  decision time - 501C3 or not?  fund raising really hampered by not doing this - 10 minutes
*  Land Use update - 10 minutes
*  Clean Air? 5 minutes - should we start monitoring now for a baseline re:  tolling and potential impact on our air?
*  Trees - 10 minutes, potential to co-host Canopy Stories with the PTO at Chief Joseph, and should we buy a tree for the school?
*  Parks 10 minutes, request from PP&R that we donate some $$ for items at AL Park
*  Clean Up - 5-10 minutes
*  lighting at developments - Bob Greene - 5-10
Hope to see you there

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