Could you consider volunteering for your Neighborhood Association?

Do you like to keep things organized?  Is adding up a column of numbers fun for you?  If so, we might have a volunteer gig for you.  
Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association is looking for a Treasurer.  It isn't a big job, but a necessary one.  Here is some info:
*  we generally write between 15-20 checks a year (some can be debits)
*  we need to track this and deposits monthly
*  we have 3 restricted funds that need to be kept separate, one is managed by North Portland Community Works - so some sharing of info is important but that's all for this fund.  One other requires an annual report on monies spent to the donating program.
*  we have 2 State reports due, each one page, one in May, one in November
*  we have an annual report due, 1-2 pages due at the end of June each year.
*  we have one more annual report due December 1st to NPNS, Inc, our insurance umbrella.  
We meet monthly on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7pm at the Kenton Fire House.  We are engaged in many issues in Arbor Lodge, land use, clean air, planting and giving away trees, maintaining Arbor Lodge Park as a pesticide free area, transportation issue.  Annually we host a Clean Up in May, a BBQ in July.  We try to have fun doing many of these things.
This volunteer gig would likely take between 3-4 hours most months, up to 5 occasionally.  This includes the monthly meetings from 7-8:30 or 8:45 once a month .
If you are interested, please contact Ginger at arborlodgeginger@gmail.com

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