Arbor lodge NA meeting
Thursday, May 21st, 7pm
via Zoom

I don't yet have the link.  I will post it here and on ALnextdoor that day.


*  maybe an activity offered by Bob Greene since Sunday Parkways is not happening in the usual manner
*  Our Annual Report - posted here below, questions welcome
*  Homeless statement and next steps
*  request for St. John's to support their request for intervention with one homeless camp by the City and County
*  your ideas?

Annual Report for re-imbursement by Arbor Lodge NA to NPNS

Bill to:
City of Portland
Office of Community and Civic Life
North Portland Neighborhood Services
2209 N. Schofield Street
Portland, Oregon  97217

Vendor/description                                                                          Amount
City of Portland, Parks & Recreation
Portable toilet for Park, 11/15/19 to 3/15/2020                $280.00
To provide continuous toilets at AL Park

Park Maintenance                                                                             291.28
Maintains Arbor Lodge Park as a pesticide/
Herbicide free park with volunteers.
Reimbursement to coordinators for snacks, 
coffee, printing fliers, propane for flame weeder

Google, Domain name renewal ( annual)                                     10.00

Department of Justice, State of Oregon                                         20.00
Annual filing fee for ALNA

Secretary of State, State of Oregon                                                   50.00
Annual filing fee for ALNA

City of Portland, Printing and Distribution                                   30.72
Flier printed for fund raiser/land use issue

Summer BBQ                                                                                        573.69
Rental of gas BBQ to feed 250+ at one time, condiments
Meat, buns, veg dogs

                                                                                    Total:              $1255.69
                                                Requested reimbursement:             950.00

Fyi, also spent this year:                              
Chief Joseph Parent Teacher Organization donation                        300.00
Cascadia Action Plan, printing diesel map for public info                 30.00
 map is posted at AL Park Kiosk
Make all checks payable to:  Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association

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