Homeless in our midst.

For several weeks a few Chairs of neighborhood associations in North Portland have been talking, sharing information.  We've meet twice via Zoom.  Our topic has been homelessness in our communities.

We will be publishing a statement in regard to homelessness and our concerns and hopes for all living in North Portland.

Once it is published, I'll copy it here.

Please know this is the 1st step only.  We plan to keep talking, listening, hopefully listening to some who live in North Portland who are homeless.  We need to know what they want/need, and what they are willing to do to achieve those goals.  We can advocate and support those goals that align with the goals of the overall community for safety and public health.

We are asking for more portable toilets, hand washing stations, regular garbage pick up.   And, we'll each need to see if we can find an appropriate place for a potential camp in each neighborhood.  No one will be forced to stay there.  Hopefully the amenities and supports will be enough enticement to get folks to come together in small groups.  The long term goal is to support self management, provide these basic sanitation needs, and then work forward from there.  If you are interested in working on this please contact board@arborlodgecommunity.org.

Thank you. 
Ginger Edwards
Chair, Arbor Lodge NA

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