Sewer Repair and Rodent Info Fliers

A month ago we had our 2nd presentation at ALNA on the proposed Sewer Repairs in Arbor Lodge this summer and fall.  Some folks asked about rats.

So, we got permission from Multnomah County to copy their Rodent information flier.  Here is where you can get all that info:

*. Arbor Lodge Park Kiosk
   *. laminated copies of the flier and 5 to take away
   *. 45 copies at the Community Box at New Season's, Arbor Lodge
   *. online at Multnomah County:   https://multco.us/health/staying-healthy/pest-prevention-and-control/rats

The map for the sewer repair is also posted at the Park Kiosk facing the playground. 

Basically, rats respond to food.   So consider your outdoor pet food, bird feeders, compost that isn't covered, etc. 
The contractor will let you know if night work will happen on your block via a flier at your front door, the night work is not expected to be loud, but lights may be on to assist workers.

Here's to Arbor Lodge getting better sewer lines!

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