Looking for a few interested neighbors

 Looking for a few interested neighbors.

Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association will hold elections in October.  We are looking for a few interested neighbors to join the group.

We have these openings:

Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, At Large Positions.

What does each do?

Chair:  Is the contact for neighbors, the City and others to the NA.  Gathers info/topics for the meeting Agendas, publishes the Agenda, date/time of meeting, facilitates meetings.  Listens to neighbors with great ideas and some concerns.  Attends monthly North Portland Chairs meetings, or delegates/invites others on the Board to do that and inform the Board overall.  Skills needed:  listening skills, organizational skills, meeting facilitation skills.  
ALNA meetings the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7-pm - with a few exceptions

Vice Chair:   Generally helps all around.  Can be the representative for the NA at the monthly North Portland Chairs meetings.  May Chair a Committee of ALNA.  The North Portland Chairs meeting is the 1st Monday of each month at 6:30 pm.  Skills needed, same as Chair

Secretary:  The Secretary takes the Minutes - not long narrative, rather bullet points, and any votes, who made a motion, 2nd it, etc.  Sends Minutes out for edits.  Once approved, posts Minutes online.   Skills needed, listening, recording information, computer skills to publish.

At Large Board positions:  At Large Board members help form the Quorum for any votes by the Board to spend money, support a position with a letter, etc.  Many At Large Board members Chair Committees like Trees, Parks, Clean Air, Land Use, Transportation.  Skills needed, interest in the Arbor Lodge Community, listening skills, some organizational to form/run a Committee, some letter writing, communication skills.

*** There is a need for someone with good computer skills to help maintain and add new people to our mailing list.  The list is current I believe, but new people sign up both online and via other venues to be added to the list.

You don't have to be a Board member to be active, or to Chair a Committee.  We welcome all interested folks to share in shaping the direction the Board and Organization takes for 2020-21.  

It any of this is of interest to you, please join our meeting this Thursday, August 27th, 7pm, via Zoom, see the previous post for the link.  And, we current Board members are happy to answer your questions about these positions, the ALNA Board activities, etc.  Come Join the fun, and support our great neighborhood.

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