ALNA Signs Demilitarize North Portland Petition

The Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association conducted an open vote of all present members during the August general meeting regarding the petition organized by N/NE Portland neighbors in response to police actions at demonstrations in and around the PPA headquarters at 1868 N Lombard


Members voted "yes" to sign the petition,


Meeting minutes will be posted subsquent to their approval at the September 17th neighborhood association meeting. Some in attendance voiced opposition to signing the petition, while others voted yes but with reservations regarding some aspects of the petition. 

 During our June meeting, the board approved this statement, which includes our pledge "to do our part to improve understanding and communication between neighbors, and to provide a forum to educate and engage. " 

If you are interested to speak with your neighbors on this or any other topic, please propose agenda items to board@arborlodgeneighborhood.com. Our commitment is to provide a safe space to engage in respectful dialog with your neighbors. 

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